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Game Instruction

Example of the jigsaw puzzle game

Select the number of pieces, the shape of pieces, rotation or not, chaos or not

After selecting all items, click the "Play Game" button to play
How to play
How to rotate the puzzle piece
Press the space key and click any piece of puzzle to rotate it.

The triangle button to zoom in and out the menu

The "Sample" button

The "Ghost" button
Show a translucent original image in the center of the game field.

The "Show Edge"button
Only show puzzle pieces on the edges, and hide all the single pieces.

The "Show All" button
Show all puzzle pieces

The "Audio Off" button
Close the audio effect of puzzle rotating and fixed together.

The "Audio On" button
Open the audio effect of puzzle rotating and fixed together.

The "Background" button

The "Pause" button
Click it to pause the game clock, and all pieces of puzzle could not be moved.

The "Continue" button
Click it to continue the game.

The "Arrange" button
The unused single chips will be list from the upper-right part of the zig-saw game zone.

Multiple choose.
Press the left key of mouse and drag the mouse in the vacant zone of the game, a white dashed circle will be seen. The chips been circled by the white dashed circle will became red. Click on any of the red chips and drag it, the rest of the red chips will be moved to the same direction.

The calculation of the game points
Click here to see the calculation of the game points.


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